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HP_Custom Projects

Here we have an A15 push rod motor (Datsun) with a hairdryer attached pushing 2.1 horsepower per cubic inch. The customer wanted the original motor to work we did the rest to make his dream a reality, Engine building design and fabrication.   

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HP_Custom Parts / Fabrication

Each customer of HPJ has there own wants and demands from there Project for many building a car or an Engine is something they will only be able to achieve once in there lives, HorsePower Junkie have the ability to design and manufacture from CAD to 3D Printing and final CNC production.  "Our limitations are your imagination"


Hp_ Philosophy


Like many other Australian’s Motorsport is my passion … For me it all began with the purchase of a 2 door LC Torana; I was 15 years old and just couldn't get enough. If I wasn’t working on my car I was helping a mate. The obvious choice was to start an apprenticeship, but not just any, I had to be involved with engines.    

I was fortunate enough to work at a very well respected machine shop and have many wonderful mentors along the way. The old Torana was upgraded shortly after to an XU1, which did a wonderful job of drying out my wallet each week. Since then I’ve built many combinations from 7.4 litres monsters to 1.6 litres turbocharged rpm bunnies. Whatever the combination of bore, stroke, turbocharger or naturally aspirated, each engine is unique having its own limitations and attributes.   

In late 2010 I was presented with an amazing opportunity to learn the art of 3D CAD. I also had the opportunity of operating a number of CNC lathes and mills. It absolutely blew my mind as the possibilities were endless, I was dreaming of making my own parts daily… so I did. I made, designed and fabricated custom parts for custom cars. I have always loved a challenge!   

Since then, like many, I have fallen for the beloved Barra Motor, a gift from Ford, an outright player in the inline 6 club. Next to the RB30 and 2JZ the Barra holds its own pushing heavy cars well enough to earn them a lot of respect. Purchasing my first BA XR6T in 2003 I, like many, have been riding the wave of mods, modding to a tight budget, and spending a lot of time and money developing and using unnecessary parts. I have built many since with a ton of different packages and mods, looking for the best bang for buck solutions with the best Horsepower results.  Why do I care?  Well primarily because I’m a perfectionist at heart and secondly because I too am a hot rodder. I like my parts, even if not seen, to be the very best that they can be. It’s such a shame to hide such beautiful components within each engine. But the results speak for themselves. The quality of the finished item is the reason why I am still so passionate about my craft.     

I have a few simple ethical standards, the first I was told by a very wise senior engineer. “I believe in fair trade, no robbery”. I will therefore always talk my clients out of spending copious amounts of wasted money. Instead I focus on what is required to achieve your goals! My motto is to buy the very best quality bit you can afford within your budget. The second motto “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” I would not be caught dead using or trying a part / concept or an idea that I wouldn’t use in my very own engines.       

As I mentioned before I am a perfectionist, quality is without a doubt what Horsepower Junkie is all about.    Each and every designed component is reviewed by myself personally, before entering the hands of a machinist. Second to that every part dispatched to you is also visually and mechanical inspected. What we strive for is to provide the very best design in conjunction with the latest manufacturing technology.  This equates to the highest quality Performance Part at a very reasonable price.